Spring ’20 Highlights

  1. Task-Queue Assignment (Hurray!!)
    • For sales organizations where reps work through to-do items as a team, task-queue assignment makes the process easier than ever. Assign a task to any queue, and have any member from that queue take ownership. Working as a team is simpler and more efficient.
  2. Salesforce Data Mask
    • To protect confidentiality and maintain regulatory compliance, use Salesforce Data Mask to anonymize or delete personally identifiable information in sandboxes.
  3. Dashboard Builder Enhancements
    • Dashboard builder now keeps a version history of each saved dashboard. Revert to an old version or work on the dashboard without impacting users and publish when it’s ready for prime time. Create dynamic dashboards with targeted faceting via clicks not code and create complex bindings with new syntax editor and validator.
  4. Configure Get Records Elements Without Selecting Fields
    • When you add a Get Records element to a flow, we automatically store the fields that you need. You no longer have to select each field manually, but you can still opt to do so.
  5. URL Hacking (wish this came back sooner, lol)