Salesforce Certified Administrator – Summer 17

Which two Chatter Groups will show a seen-by count of people who viewed the post, in the Lightning Experience? Choose 2 answers

  1. Public
  2. Unlisted
  3. Private
  4. Restricted

How can an administrator allow users to choose different views of a dashboard in Lightning Experience?

  1. Dashboard filters
  2. Dashboard designer
  3. Report filters
  4. Report creator

Which two features best describe the new Lightning-optimized Log a Call action? Choose 2 answers

  1. Autopopulate the Case Team
  2. Autopopulate the Case Contact
  3. Autolink the Call Log to the Case
  4. Autolink the Audit Log to the Case

Where are the files and related records attached when a sales user converts a lead?

  1. Contact, account, opportunity, quote records
  2. Contact, account, person account, opportunity records
  3. Contact, account, person account records
  4. Contact, account, opportunity records

What action can be taken in Lightning, if you receive an approval request that someone else should approve?

  1. Delete the associated record
  2. Change Approval Entry Criteria
  3. Re-assign the approval request
  4. Edit Approval Process Manager

Salesforce Certified Developer – Spring 17

When an old post with a file is shared in Lightning Experience, what happens to the file in the newly shared post?

  1. The file is not shared in the new post.
  2. The file is attached to the new post
  3. A link to the file is shared
  4. A link to the old post is shared

Who can edit a user’s favorites in Lightning Experience?

  1. Any user in the same profile
  2. The user’s manager
  3. The system administrator
  4. The user

How many duplicate account records can be merged in Lightning Experience at once?

  1. Up to 10
  2. Up to 3
  3. Up to 6
  4. Up to 5

Which three actions does the Global Action Menu Support? Choose 3 answers

  1. Create records
  2. Create posts
  3. Delete records
  4. Launch Visualforce
  5. Take notes

Which three predefined values can be set with send email action? Choose 3 answers

  1. Cc
  2. Bcc
  3. Reply
  4. Forward
  5. To

Salesforce Platform App Builder Spring ’17 Release Exam

1.  What two of the following are supported actions for the Global Actions Menu? Choose 2 answers

A. Launch a custom Canvas App

B. Launch a custom Lightning Component

C. Post to a Chatter feed

D. Upload a new Chatter file

Answer: A & B

2. What Lightning Experience feature allows Salesforce users to modify existing records without opening them?

A. Inline editing in List Views

B. Editable Reports

C. Global Actions

D. The edit option in the Favourites menu

Answer: A

3. What three options are available for assigning access to Lightning Pages using Lightning App Builder? Choose 3 answers

A. App, record type, profile

B. Profile and permission sets

C. Role and subordinates

D. App default

E. The org default

Answer: A, D, E

4. How can an App Builder determine whether the features and customizations made in an org are Lightning ready?

A. Download the Lightning Experience Audit Tool from AppExchange

B. Use the Lightning Experience Readiness Toolkit in Workbench

C. Implement the Salesforce Lightning Design System in a sandbox

D. Launch the Lightning Experience Readiness Check from All Setup

Answer: D

5. How can an App Builder share Favourites with other Salesforce users?

A. Favourites Settings under My Personal Information

B. Sharing can only be performed by users with System Administrator rights

C. Favourites can’t be shared with other users

D. Share link in the Favourites drop-down menu

Answer: C

Salesforce Administrator Spring ’17 Release Exam

  1. Which two choices are available with email attachment settings? Choose 2 answers

A. Always send files as attachments

B. Always send files as attachments, up to 3MB

C. Always send files as attachments, up to 5MB

D. Always send files as content delivery links

Answer: B & D

2. What feature describes the capabilities of email-to-case record assignment to queues?

A. Assigning cases to queues is supported only for Outlook routing addresses

B. Assigning cases to queues overrides the default case owner

C. Assigning cases to queues uses the default case owner

D. Assigning cases to queues is supported in Lightning only

Answer: B

3. Which two Chatter Stream functionalities are available in Lightning Experience? Choose 2 answers

A. Create up to 25 Chatter Streams in Lightning

B. Create up to 5 Chatter Streams in Lightning

C. Create up to 5 Chatter Streams in Lightning or Classic

D. Create up to 25 entities per Chatter Stream

Answer: B & D

4. Which two features best describe the enhanced Contact search functionality? Choose 2 answers

A. Enter the Account name, and the first and last names of all related Contacts are returned

B. Enter the last name and the Account name, and Contacts that match the search terms are returned

C. Enter the first name and the Account name, and Contacts that match the search terms are returns

D. Enter address, the Account name, and Contacts that match the search terms are returned

Answer: B & C

5. Universal Containers uses web-to-lead.  How can an Administrator help sales representatives focus on legitimate prospects rather than unqualified leads?

A. Use the web-to-lead encryption feature

B. Use the reCAPTCHA widget to filter out spam

C. Use a Lead Source field on web-to-lead forms

D. Use rich text area (RTA) fields on web-to-lead forms

Answer: B